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Brian Urbano Soto

Brian Urbano is a young Latin American documentary filmmaker and video journalist from Mexico City.


He specializes in documentary film-making with a current focus on human relationships and Football Culture. Creating intimate, heartfelt and deeply human documentary content. 


His life in the media world started at 17 years old as a radio host and soccer commentator on local television in Mexico.


His love for hunting stories has taken him to Los Angeles California, where he has been able to work in Hollywood productions companies, commercials and projects with directors such as Austin Lynch and Joseph Gordon Levitt, among other directors.


His independent projects took him to study in New York, which he considers his school of DOC.  There, he has founded Bonan Media Docs ©, an independent company of Storytelling.


He currently directs and produces branded docs and docus series for different companies and works on his debut thesis "Cerrado por Mundial".


Brian Urbano considers himself Galeanista, Bielsista and an eternal student of documentary film. He has a special predilection for Latin America and its people.

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My most precious influencer

My Dad was my first documentary filmmaker.


Making  Docs is a kind of therapy that has helped me deal with his loss.


In my journey as a young documentary filmmaker I have learned that the way to overcome sadness resulting from great loss is to use it as motivation.



Cerrado por Mundial




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HIRE Brian.

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Creative Director
Video Journalist
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